Class BufferedByteOutput

  extended by net.sf.asyncobjects.AsyncUnicastServer<O>
      extended by<BinaryData,AByteOutput>
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ACloseable, AsyncObject, ExplicitSharing, AByteOutput, AOutput<BinaryData>

public class BufferedByteOutput
extends BufferedOutput<BinaryData,AByteOutput>
implements AByteOutput

Buffered output. The output waits util data will surpass specified limit, and only after it it writes bulk of the data. The write to underlying stream could be forced with AOutput.flush()

Constructor Summary
BufferedByteOutput(AByteOutput output, int limit)
          A constructor from stream and buffer size
Method Summary
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close, flush, write
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flush, write
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dereference, isImmediate

Constructor Detail


public BufferedByteOutput(AByteOutput output,
                          int limit)
A constructor from stream and buffer size

output - an underlying output stream
limit - a limit, after limit is surpassed, data is sent to underlying stream

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