Class BufferedTextInput

  extended by net.sf.asyncobjects.AsyncUnicastServer<I>
      extended by<TextData,ATextInput>
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ACloseable, AsyncObject, ExplicitSharing, AInput<TextData>, ATextInput

public class BufferedTextInput
extends BufferedInput<TextData,ATextInput>
implements ATextInput

A buffered Text input stream.

Constructor Summary
BufferedTextInput(ATextInput proxiedStream, int limit)
          A constructor from the stream
Method Summary
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isPushbackSupported, pushback, read
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dereference, isImmediate

Constructor Detail


public BufferedTextInput(ATextInput proxiedStream,
                         int limit)
A constructor from the stream

proxiedStream - a stream that is being proxied
limit - a maximum amount of bites to be attempte to read from undelying stream

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