This package contains uitility input and output streams.


Class Summary
BoundedByteInput Bounded byte input.
BoundedInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> Input that allows to read at most the specified length.
BoundedTextInput Bounded Text input.
ExhaustingByteInput Byte version of ExhaustingInput.
ExhaustingInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> This input waits until stream is fully readed.
ExhaustingTextInput Text version of ExhaustingInput.
GeneratingInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> A input that generates some data.
MulticastByteOutput Byte version of MulticastOutput
MulticastOutput<D extends BatchedData<D>,O extends AOutput<D>> A stream that copies data written to it into streams passed to it as arguments.
MulticastTextOutput Text version of MulticastOutput
NulByteInput A nul byte input.
NulInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> A zero lenght stream.
NulTextInput A nul text input.
RandomByteInput A random byte input.
RandomTextInput A random text input.
RecordingByteOutput A recording byte output.
RecordingOutput<D extends BatchedData<D>,O extends AOutput<D>> The output that recordes what is written into it.
RecordingTextOutput A recording text output.
RepeatingByteInput A repeating byte input
RepeatingInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> An input that repeats specified data over and over.
RepeatingTextInput A repeating text input.
SavingByteInput A saving byte input
SavingInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>,O extends AOutput<D>> This utility stream allows to save all data read from byte input to some output.
SavingTextInput A saving text input
UncloseableByteInput Uncloseable byte input
UncloseableInput<D extends BatchedData<D>,I extends AInput<D>> A stream that instead of closing underlying stream just resolves CloseableWrapper.closed() promise.
UncloseableTextInput Uncloseable text input

Package Description

This package contains uitility input and output streams.

Copyright 2002-2007 Constantine Plotnikov. All Rights Reserved.