Package net.sf.asyncobjects.util

This package contains generic utilities that helps to develop asynchronous operations.


Interface Summary
AQueue<T> Object queue service.
ASemaphore This is an asynchronous version of Semaphore.

Class Summary
All This control construct waits for all child actions.
Any This class allows to get first ready value out of number of alternatives.
AsyncProcess<R> This utility class represents a simple asynchronous operation.
CloseableWrapper<FacetType extends ACloseable,WrappedType extends ACloseable> This is a base class for closeables that built upon other closeable objects.
Compensated This a special return value for actions in some control constructs like Any.
CompensatedClosable An utility subclass that closes closable that has been received.
Condition This class implements some logical conditions.
LogUtils Utilities that help to log events related to the framework.
Queue<T> Object queue.
RequestQueue This utiliy class represent request queue.
RunDispatcher This is an utility class that is used for serveral control constructs.
Semaphore Asynchronous semaphore service.
Seq<R> A sequence control construct.
Serialized<T> This class respresents action serialized over request queue.
Wait This utility class allows waiting on some conditions related to promises.

Exception Summary
WaitAllException This exception is thrown from Wait.all operation if there are failures.

Annotation Types Summary
Experimental This annotation means that annotated element is an experimental feature and it might wanish in the next versions without any notice.

Package net.sf.asyncobjects.util Description

This package contains generic utilities that helps to develop asynchronous operations. They build upon core classes provided in the package net.sf.asyncobjects.

Copyright 2002-2007 Constantine Plotnikov. All Rights Reserved.