Class TimerTaskAdapter.InternalTimerTask

  extended by net.sf.asyncobjects.AsyncUnicastServer<ATimerTask>
      extended by net.sf.asyncobjects.util.timer.TimerTaskAdapter.InternalTimerTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
AsyncObject, ExplicitSharing, ATimerTask
Enclosing class:

public final class TimerTaskAdapter.InternalTimerTask
extends AsyncUnicastServer<ATimerTask>
implements ATimerTask

Internal class that acutally implemetns interface

Method Summary
 void accepted(ACallable<Boolean> cancelAction)
          This method is called when task were accepted to timer
 void run(long scheduledExecutionTime)
          Run the task
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Method Detail


public void run(long scheduledExecutionTime)
Description copied from interface: ATimerTask
Run the task

Specified by:
run in interface ATimerTask
scheduledExecutionTime - a time when the task was scheduled. it might be used to check if the task is too late.
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public void accepted(ACallable<Boolean> cancelAction)
Description copied from interface: ATimerTask
This method is called when task were accepted to timer

Specified by:
accepted in interface ATimerTask
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