Class Using<S extends ACloseable,T>

  extended by net.sf.asyncobjects.Using<S,T>
Type Parameters:
S - Service type
T - Result type
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class Using<S extends ACloseable,T>
extends Object
implements ExplicitSharing

This is an utility class that executes some action and than closes resource that implements the interface ACloseable after activity in the body finishes.

The sample below gets output stream of the socket, writes 1,2,3 to it and closes it. The promise returned from method resolves only after output is closed.

      private Promise<Void> write123(ASocket socket) {
        return new Using<AByteOutput,Void>(socket.getOutput()) {
                protected Promise<Void> run(AByteOutput out) {
             // send data, result promise will resolve when data finish writing.
             // The close method on output will be called only after it rather
             // then right after return of the method.
             return out.write(BinaryData.fromBytes(new byte[]{(byte)1,byte)2,byte)3})); 

Constructor Summary
Using(Promise<S> servicePromise)
          A constructor
Using(S service)
          A constructor
Method Summary
protected  Promise<? extends T> openFailed(Throwable problem)
          This method is called in separate turn in case when open operation failed.
 Promise<T> promise()
protected abstract  Promise<? extends T> run(S service)
          This method should be implemented by subclasses.
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Constructor Detail


public Using(Promise<S> servicePromise)
A constructor

servicePromise - a promise for service


public Using(S service)
A constructor

service - a service proxy
Method Detail


protected abstract Promise<? extends T> run(S service)
This method should be implemented by subclasses.

service - a service that was argument of constructor
a promise for OutType or result of OutType.


protected Promise<? extends T> openFailed(Throwable problem)
                                   throws Throwable
This method is called in separate turn in case when open operation failed.

problem - a problem
a result value will be used as result of using operation.
Throwable - a problem


public final Promise<T> promise()
a result promise. it resolves after the body is finished and after close operation is complete. Note that if close() operation is smashed, the result promise will be smashed with problem of close operation independently of what was the result of run(ACloseable).

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