Package net.sf.asyncobjects

The core classes of the framework.


Interface Summary
ACloseable The object that should be closed after it is no more used.
AResolver<T> This is a fundamental interface that is used to return values from operation.
AsyncObject Base class for all asynchronous interfaces, all operations in subinterfaces are asynchonous.
ExplicitSharing This marker interface marks objects that should be always shared explicitiyly wrapped into Shared object.

Class Summary
AsyncAction<T> Asynchronous action.
AsyncCreator<R extends AsyncObject> Utility class that allows creating objects in other vats.
AsyncUnicastServer<T extends AsyncObject> Unicast server implementation.
Promise<T> A promise represents outcome of some asynchronous operation.
Shared<T> This wrapper object is used to explicitly return values from asynchronous operations which are usually unsafe or unrecommended to return.
Using<S extends ACloseable,T> This is an utility class that executes some action and than closes resource that implements the interface ACloseable after activity in the body finishes.
When<I,R> When construct support class.

Exception Summary
InvalidMethodException This exception is thrown from proxies on methods that are not valid asynchronous methods or if implementation of this method is missed.

Package net.sf.asyncobjects Description

The core classes of the framework.

Copyright 2002-2007 Constantine Plotnikov. All Rights Reserved.